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Wrong Turn, Right Guy, a Romantic Comedy Novel Written By Haylie B. Fox

Wrong Turn, Right Guy is the first novel of Haylie B. Fox that is released for Kindle. It features the story of attorney Teresa Vadney who needs to balance her passion for her work to find and keep true love.

Wrong Turn, Right Guy is a romantic comedy book authored by Haylie B. Fox. As a person who has been passionate about writing since the tender age of seven, Haylie B. Fox has a strong sense of languages and words. Wrong Turn, Right Guy is her first piece of published fiction. Released as a Kindle novel, it tells the story of a workaholic attorney Teresa Vadney who needs to reconcile the passion she has for her career to find and keep true love.

Working as a professional attorney for last 12 years, she has always been entirely dedicated to her legal career. However, when her boss pressures her to cancel her Italian trip, she decides that she has had enough and that it is time for a significant change. Teresa then went ahead and handed her letter of resignation. With her mother, she leaves for her trip to Italy to attend the wedding of her best friend Anna, believing that this is going to be the best time for her to reflect on her life, and begin anew. However, things don’t work out as Teresa planned and she faces more challenges in Italy than she expected.

While traveling around Italy, Teresa and her mother get stranded near Siena by taking a wrong turn. They go up to a farmhouse nearby where they meet Alex and Luca, two young Italian men. Although Teresa has an initial tryst with Alex, he eventually turns out to be a different man than he initially seems to be. But despite her disappointments, there are possibilities in Italy that Teresa has never considered.

About Wrong Turn, Right Guy:

Wrong Turn, Right Guy is a romantic comedy Kindle novel authored by Haylie B. Fox. Keep Reading

CollaBoard’s Latest Release Makes Teamwork Easier, Faster.

IBV just released a new version of CollaBoard, its real-time collaborative app for Surface Hub and Windows 10 devices. The new release brings full Surface Studio, Surface Dial, QR Code and NFC support in combination with a redesign and 50% faster loading times for New Projects.


February 2017 – Leveraging its expertise in business application development, IBV just released a new version of CollaBoard, its real-time collaborative app. The new release brings full Surface Studio, Surface Dial, QR Code and NFC support in combination with a redesign and 50% faster loading times for New Projects.

CollaBoard is a collaborative application for Microsoft Surface Hub, Surface Studio and Windows 10 devices allowing professionals and teams to work together in real time from different locations. First launched in November 2016, it features a natural user interface (NUI) with inking, touch and voice command for an easy and intuitive user experience, and it includes Skype for Business integration for simultaneous conference calls.

CollaBoard is the only virtual workspace offering voice commands and real-time capabilities on a complete range of features, not just sticky notes. Its latest version also makes it the only collaborative NUI app offering Surface Studio and Surface Dial support.

CollaBoard provides a real-time virtual workspace allowing professionals and teams across all industries to work together more efficiently. It’s easy-to-use, the immersive interface enables highly engaging meetings. The app, available on the Windows Store, also makes for an essential tool in concept work and sales presentations. Keep Reading

DAT Solutions LLC to start up Online Subscription Business – Peer Intelligence

As the company provides financial data analytics with focus on Key Performance Indicators trends

Mark Haunsen, the CEO, and founder of Peer Intelligence is happy to announce his intention of starting up the online subscription business with the aim of providing financial data analytics. This company is set to ensure focus on KPI (Key Performance Indicators) trends for US public companies through a subscription to the online portal. Peer Intelligence can also build a custom offer for you by developing and making the required KPI algorithms for your own business or any complement of your peers for a tailored running of your portal.

Peer Intelligence has just been launched a few days ago and has got some 3-month subscribers already through launch rock platform. According to Mark, this is what he said “I had just launched this site yesterday, but I’ve got some 3-month free subscribers already through launch rock platform which I used while the site was under development. Accountants and businesses are welcomed to partner with us.”

About Peer Intelligence

Peer Intelligence is an online subscription company that offers historical financial data and KPI trend analyses for US Issuers and helps you build a custom portal for your business with their best strategies;

ORGANIZE- This Category identifies your data and organizes it into a database of your choice. You can also get your local and remote data, from cloud services, or from your local databases. Keep Reading

FirstOffices Comes With High Quality Caster Wheel Substitutes

FirstOffices, a company based in the U.S, provides customers with first class caster wheel substitutes that let them glide smoothly.

Portland, OR, (February 22, 2017) – A US-based company, FirstOffices aims to provide customers with functional and fresh furniture items. It offers Office Chair Casters that make office chairs with creaking wheels a problem of the past. For people who spend a large part of their day behind the office desk, it has the best designer solutions. The caster wheel substitutes from FirstOffices help customers to move and glide smoothly quickly. There are no noises, and costly floors are not scratched or worn out anymore.

It is easy to install these wheels, as these take just a moment and do not need any equipment. The rollerblade-style wheel substitutes can fit all types of office chairs using a 7/8″ tall x 7/16″ wide caster wheel stem. These replacement wheels are compatible with most of the standard USA chairs.

The Replacement Office Chair Caster wheels from FirstOffices have a soft polyurethane surface. Unlike standard furniture and plastic office chair wheels, these do not damage expensive rugs, sensitive flooring or hardwood. The wheels can easily be set up and are compatible with chairs from most of the major brands.

The smooth rolling mechanism of the wheels let users move their chair quickly and almost noiselessly. These are 3 inches tall and can prevent users from stumbling on cables or carpet edges. Users can sit slightly elevated and in a more comfortable way.

About FirstOffices: Keep Reading


Milwaukee, WI – Sarah Boardman-Miller, a 21-year veteran Interior Designer and General Contractor who specializes in remodels and new builds all over the United States with an emphasis on design that delivers for how people live, this week announced she would be opening a Trade Showroom in Milwaukee later this spring.

Passionate about filling the Showroom gap in many markets around the U.S. where Interior Designers and Architects could find textiles and wallpapers, Sarah is officially opening a Showroom of her own with a Grand Opening on April 6, 2017, from 3 PM to 7 PM.

“Showrooms are a fantastic way for vendors at every level in our industry to come together and better themselves from the products and discoveries by other Designers, Architects, and more,” said Sarah. “There has been a serious gap in the availability of Showrooms of this nature, and I was intent on doing something about it.”

The Showroom will feature hand-printed textiles and wallpapers from small vendors across the country. Featured vendors include Ferrick Mason, Alexandria Conroy, Lake August, Victoria Larson, and Mally Skok. Additionally, with these vendors will come furniture lines that can be customized with 200 colors of linen and any textile Vendor, lighting, slipcovers, and drapery, art, and accessories.

To accompany the unique nature of opening a Trade Showroom, Sarah has elected to host the community in the Historic Matthew Keenan House, built in 1860. Officially designated as a Milwaukee landmark in 1974, the house embodies the historical and architectural significance of the greater Milwaukee community.

“We are incredibly excited for our Grand Opening debut this April, and are encouraging everyone in our community to come by and meet the Textile and Wallpaper Designers,” said Sarah. Keep Reading



New Canaan, CT, USA – February 25, 2017: Bad news for New Canaan as its Historic Landmark, Roger Sherman Inn, is likely to be partially or wholly soon demolished.

The Inn is older than the United States. Built in 1740 when millions of buffalo still roamed, it endured the Revolutionary, Civil and 2 World Wars and is loved by generations.

The plan requiring demolition requires a zone change – it is not currently the right of the owners. To give owners a $5M contract sale price, on Tue Feb 28th 7 PM, P&Z has been asked to change the zoning from Commercial (Historical) to 6 house Residential on 1.9 acres – both nonconforming in a 1-acre zone.

If demolished, New Canaan will have no hotels. It is also the last of 3 Historical Inns that remained (Maples Inn demolished in 2011 – by the same developer – and Melba Inn demolished in 2004).

P&Z can protect valuable assets – the ten-year town plan cites “Preserve Historic Resources.” Keep Reading

7 Role-Playing Scenarios and What American Couples Really Think of Them

(Aarhus, Denmark) — (Feb, 12th) The mobile app iPassion explores the role playing habits of sexual partners in the US and reveals the hottest and funniest role playing fantasies.

With the trailer of “50 Shades Darker” steaming up screens, there’s a lot of buzz around bondage games, dominance role playing and how to have hotter sex when you’re in a relationship.

The iPassion team from Denmark has taken a closer look at what US couples really think about different role playing scenarios and the difference between men’s and women’s preferences in this area.

iPassion is an app game for couples that was launched in late July 2016, and in 6 months it has registered more than 140,000 players. 1% of the Danish population has it. And every month, 10,000 new American users download it for free from the App and Play stores.

Since iPassion is geared to make intimate conversations fun and non-threatening in a game-like setting, its questions cover all kinds of turn-ons, turn-offs, preferences, fantasies and of course role playing desires.

After accumulating anonymous data from its large US based user pool, the app team have found that more than 4 out 5 couples are open to role playing. And a deeper dive into the stats reveals what people want behind closed doors… Keep Reading

Freddie Achom joins the board of Vivid Technologies as Non-Executive Chairman

Vivid Technologies has named Freddie Achom as its new Non-Executive Chairman as part of the company’s plans to expand into the Middle East Telecoms sector.

Vivid Technologies are very pleased to announce the appointment of Freddie Achom as its Non-Executive Chairman. The appointment follows a recent joint venture exclusive agency distribution agreement with Kuwait-based Media Phone Plus that will serve the Kuwait, Bahrain and Iraq region of the Middle East. Freddie Achom comes with a wealth of experience within the Private Equity and Venture Investment sector; he is the CEO & Founder of Rosemont Group Capital Partners an offshore based venture capitalist group who last year announced a seed investment in the company. Achom has joined Vivid Technologies’ team to help navigate the company’s expansion into developing markets.

Omer Khan Founder and CEO of the Pakistani-based customer services technology platform, Vivid Technologies says, “with a wealth of experience and knowledge Freddie’s contribution to the team will be of insurmountable importance. This appointment undoubtedly will help take the company to the next level by drawing on his wealth of experience in assisting businesses to scale up. It marks a significant milestone for Vivid Technologies to have such an accomplished visionary on board at this juncture where the company is going from strength to strength. With his addition, we are another step closer to achieving our goals.”

The company previously incubated at Plan9 and accelerated at LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, before joining Microsoft Ventures London and BlackBox Connect (sponsored by Google), last year completed a seed-stage funding round, with investments from Sunbridge Ventures, Telefonica, Conrad Labs and Rosemont Group Capital Partners.

“The Vivid team has made real inroads into the telecom sector, with a particular focus on the Middle East and I believe the technology is much needed to move the old IVR technology into the new age. I am pleased to join the board and keen to assist in road mapping and implementing growth strategies within the region,” said Freddie Achom. “Of course safeguarding our investment is always paramount, but we are also very excited to be active in bringing this groundbreaking technology to the forefront.”


Rosemont Group Capital Partners LLC is an early stage venture capitalist firm co-founded in 2003 by British Entrepreneur and venture investor Freddie Achom. Its portfolio is as wide ranging as digital technology, biotechnology, solar technology, financial services, land, and property development to more high-profile ventures in the entertainment sectors. Rosemont groups headquarter in London with international offices in New York and Mumbai. Keep Reading


Santa Fe Springs, CA –Brighton Best International (BBI) the developers of The Proferred Brand, have launched a new website. a site aimed at the professional tool and industrial supply buyers.

The new website combines a comprehensive listing of tools, safety and brand fastener products with a directory of authorized distributors. The site will be a tremendous value to the DIY, craft, home repair, construction professionals, and consumers. “This is a cutting-edge internet site far superior to anything in the marketplace,” said Rosa Hearn, Product Manager of the Proferred Rivet line. “At, we know that price and quality matter. This is why the makers of Proferred are dedicated to bringing you high quality, professional luxury products at a fraction of the price.”

The new generation is looking for that user-friendly easy on-line solution. With Proferred, many industries in the maintenance, industrial, and construction fields will now be able to obtain a quality product for much less.

The Proferred Brand is the new generation of tools, safety and construction products. can help you achieve your full professional tool set at a budget you can afford. Whether you are located in the U.S. or around the world, you have access to a beautiful professional product with just a simple click.

Contact the company’s website at which contains additional information or finds us on social media using #IamAPro and tell us how you put the Pro in Proferred!

Contact Rosa Hearn Keep Reading

Norwalk Integrated Medical Center Offers Non-Invasive Treatments for Acute and Subacute Low Back Pain as Recommended by the ACP

The American College of Physicians’ new guidelines recommend non-invasive treatments to combat abuse of pain medication, and iMed Center in Norwalk is leading the way for local treatment.

Norwalk, Connecticut—The American College of Physicians (ACP) released new guidelines in February 2017 to control symptoms of acute and subacute low back pain. The guidelines emphasize noninvasive treatment over addictive medication prescriptions. Their recommendations include Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Exercise, Spinal Manipulation and Prescription anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants. Integrated Medical Center (iMed) in Norwalk offers each of these treatments to aid patients in reducing low back pain without the use of medications.

“It’s great that The American College of Physicians created these guidelines emphasizing conservative non-pharmaceutical treatments for low back pain,” said Dr. Diego Murcia of iMed Center. “This will help fight the current epidemic of dependence to pain medications while still assist the patient in getting pain relief.”

An epidemic of abuse and addiction to pain medication sparked the ACP to put forth these new guidelines, and iMed Center of Norwalk offers their recommended non-invasive treatment plan in house. The ideal treatment plan will eliminate the pain and discomfort caused by acute or subacute low back pain without exposing patients to highly addictive substances.

The Norwalk iMed Center specializes in massage therapy, physical therapy, spinal manipulation, and exercise. They also have highly trained physicians that can careful analyze each situation to determine whether prescription medications are required for further treatment.

People suffering from low back pain can get more information on the iMed center’s website or visit iMed Center of Norwalk at 365 Westport Ave, Suite 3, in Norwalk, Connecticut. Keep Reading

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